Screen credits

Height: 5’7″/170cm — Build: Slim — Hair: Blonde — Eyes: Blue-green

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2018 THE LETDOWN (Series 2, Episode 4) Woman on plane with baby Giant Dwarf/ ABC/ Netflix Trent O’Donnell


2019 KFC (‘No Entry’) Mum (hero) Ogilvy X, Australia Graeme Burfoot
2018 VAALIA YOGHURT Juror PhotoPlay Films, Australia Gary John
2017 NEDS Angry woman in lift Plaza Films, Australia Dave Wood
2012 FLYBUYS (New Zealand) Hero Shopper Flying Fish, New Zealand Todd Mueller
2012 LIPTON ICE TEA Woman with parrot on her head Plaza Films, Australia/New Zealand Paul Middleditch
2007 LONDON MARATHON Woman at zebra-crossing Home Corp, UK Max and Michael


2018 IWANTAR UV IRON Housewife – Product user Iwantar/Take Two Marketing, Australia Amanda Allen
2018 PREMIUM AROMA DIFFUSER Housewife – Product user Pure Essential Air/Take Two Marketing, Australia Amanda Allen
2017 SUNSHINE BLADE INSTANT HEAT Housewife – Product user BDL/Take Two Marketing, Australia Kate Legg


2018 PREVENTING MUSCULOSKELETAL INJURY Hospital Administrator Aged Care Channel, Australia Janos Jersch
2017 PRIVACY & CONFIDENTIALITY Georgina (Nurse) (lead) Aged Care Channel, Australia Scott Higgins
2015 FANTASTIC FURNITURE: FANTASTIC VOYAGE Store Manager Spliceworld, Australia Rob Helliwell


2010 SKITTLES Call Centre Worker TWBA, UK Jakob Marky
2009 JOHN GOLD INVESTIGATES Student Thought Juice Films Ltd / Outcast TV, UK Linzy Attenborough
2009 LOUISE’S STORY Louise (lead) Mankind Counselling, UK Martyn Terry Sullivan


2018 OCCAM’S RAZOR Lecturer (Android) Sreckovic Productions, Sydney Nikola Sreckovic
2017 SPLIT ENDS Emily Leon Hooke Productions, Sydney Leon Hooke
2017 PARADOX Mum (lead) AIT, Sydney Felicia Tan
2017 THE LIBRARY Liz (lead) JMC Academy, Sydney Astrid Quarry
2016 QUESTIONS Amy (lead) SAE Productions, Sydney Max Harris
2010 MY WAY Chelle Met Film School , UK Gavin McNicholl
2010 AN INDECENT SORT Anne (lead) Midland Rovers Productions , UK James Griffiths
2010 IMPETUS Milly (lead) Wellington Street Productions , UK Bruce H. Gill
2009 CHECKOUT Caroline (lead) Teafer Theatre Company, UK Aaron Paterson
2009 NOT SO SERIOUS (NSS LIVE!) Amanda Choke (Weather girl) University of Bedfordshire , UK Sumedh Balan
2008 YOU’RE THE STRANGER HERE Haggard woman 011 Productions (Film4/UK Film Council’s Cinema Extreme Scheme), UK Tom Geens
2008 LUCKY CHARM Nicole (lead) City University London , UK David Pope and Kata Egerszegi
2008 THE BET Girl 2 City University London , UK David Pope
2008 INFECTED FLESH Becky Infected Films , UK Richard Chapman
2008 CHANGING A TYRE Joanne (lead) National Film and Television School , UK Lucy Donaldson
2008 GREED Kate (lead) City University London , UK Various students
2007 BLOODFEST BANQUET: TERROR OF THE TOWERS Ghost of Junior Servant Alton Towers Productions, UK Daniel Wood
2007 THE ADMIRAL PUB QUIZ Pheasant Plucker 1 Betamon Productions / Whitbred Breweries, UK Ben Fisher

Download and print ANGELINE ANDREWS’ CV here