Career Coaching

Angeline is a trained career coach. She is the creator of Actors’ Career Coaching – and works with actors at any stage of their career to build their skills, knowledge and expertise. Her two decades of industry experience combined with her motivational, caring and fun manner have made her a sought-after career coach for the performing arts industry.

Angeline works with her clients both ON their acting career (building the business side of their work) and IN their acting career (refining their acting and creative skills).

Angeline works 1-1 with actors either face-to-face, by phone, or by Skype. For each of her clients she creates a personalised Action Plan that they work on together.

She also runs group workshops all over Australia covering a variety of performance-based skills and techniques, including:

  • Monologue mastery
  • Sight reading
  • Self-taping with your smartphone
  • TVC auditions – what to expect
  • A play in half a day
  • Creative writing workshops

Angeline coaches performers from all over Australia and beyond. All of Angeline’s career coaching sessions are affordable and accessible, and are designed to fit around performers’ busy and ever-changing schedules.

Full details of Angeline’s coaching work can be found at

To book Angeline for Actors’ Career Coaching services or to find out more, please contact her at or by phone on 0498 679 924.