Height: 5’7″/170cm — Build: Slim — Hair: Blonde — Eyes: Blue-green

British actress Angeline Andrews grew up in Romford, Essex and spent her adult life living in various areas throughout London. She now, however, lives on the other side of the world in Australia!


Angeline has thoroughly enjoyed her varied career on both stage and screen. She is a highly proficient and versatile character actress with an extreme eye for detail.

Angeline relishes the opportunity to transform and her career so far has seen her play a number of memorable characters including sappy pantomime princesses; a young Northern wannabe celebrity with just one silicone implant; a moronic supermarket employee; an office worker situated in a real waterfall with a live parrot on her head; and a flesh-eating zombie!

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Angeline also has a strong interest in new writing: so much so that seven years ago she picked up a pen and wrote her first play. To date she has completed over 30 plays of varying lengths – five of which have been produced and performed.

Actors’ Career Coaching

Angeline has always immensely loved the theatre and is very grateful for the experiences and knowledge she has gained throughout her training and career to date. Identifying a need in the market for assisting fellow professional actors, Angeline trained as a career coach and started her own coaching company www.actorscareercoaching.com to share with others and keep their creativity fresh and active too.

Actors’ Career Coaching specialises in working with actors both ON their business – preparing and perfecting their marketing materials and industry knowledge – as well as IN their business, working on key performance skills such as audition preparation, sight reading, British accents and technical voice tuition.

Home Down Under

Outside of her performance and written work, Angeline has a great passion for travel. She has visited over 35 countries so far and doesn’t intend to stop there! Her eager enthusiasm for visiting new places means she is always delighted to pack her bags and head off for theatre tours and shoots on location.

Owing to the impact of the recession on the arts in England, in late 2010 Angeline booked a multi-stop flight to backpack around the Asia-Pacific region. She spent almost two years living in New Zealand before emigrating from England and  permanently moving to Australia in September 2012. Angeline has enjoyed working on numerous acting jobs in the southern hemisphere and is delighted to now call the beautiful country of Australia her home.