Press & Testimonials

The cast were all very good with stand out performances from…  Angeline Andrews as LOUKA. (I challenged her not giving me a chocolate before the show as she circulated in character just to see what she would do – but, as always, experience will out!)”      ARMS AND THE MAN, The Depot Theatre, Sydney (Allan Chapple, SYDNEY ARTS GUIDE – September 2016) 

Andrews is an engaging performer.”      TYPEFACE, The Fringe Bar, New Zealand Fringe Festival, (Helen Sims, THEATREVIEW – February 2011)

Director Alexandra Legouix captures a fantastically funny image, brilliantly played down by Angeline Andrews as Lynette – her muddied, back-brushed-Barbie-look a perfect picture of desperate hopelessness.”      THE DANNY CROWE SHOW, Henley Fringe Festival, UK, (Jenny Glithero, FRINGE REPORT – July 2009)

“The actresses are outstanding, especially writer Angeline Andrews whose character (who oddly reminds me of one of those Creature Comfort animals) steals scenes with a principled, yet eager to please, lonely girl who is oblivious to her own forwardness. It is a character that plays well when over the top and also in moments of silence when she half comes to terms with her loneliness.”      BEHIND THE SCENES, The Colour House Theatre, London (Graham Trelfer, REMOTEGOAT – July 2008)

“Angeline Andrews is a strong character actress with a fantastic comic touch. Having double cast Angeline in a recent stage comedy I find her ability to completely inhabit and create larger than life characters in a believable and transformative fashion to be both skilled and inspired. Her dedication and exloration of her craft is admiirable if also outrageously obsessive! Angeline’s sense of humour, that shines through her characters, paired with her work ethic makes her a joy to work with from audition to opening night. I highly recommend Angeline and look forward to working with her again myself.” Aaron Paterson – Director, CHECKOUT

“I found Angeline confident, self-motivated and very easy to work with! In my opinion an outstanding character actress, an absolute pleasure.” Terry Ashe – Actor/Director (30 years in the industry) of DICK WHITTINGTON

“Having worked with Angeline on a number of occasions I put her in my favourite category of ‘talented low-maintenance actors’! I mean by this that she is really easy to work with: an intelligent, committed company-minded actor who does more thank pull their weight in a team on all sorts of productions. She is kind and helpful to directors and brings to the mix her own quirky, watchable dry and understated humour. She is very funny to watch – but also has an unusual and powerfully ethereal quality that creates something very mysterious on stage. She’s just someone who is great to have on board. I very much enjoy her work.” Diana Laurie – Founder and Director of Being There Productions and INSTANT THEATRE

DOMINION POST, New Zealand – Article regarding TYPEFACE – Feb 2011